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The American Journal of Losers

The nation’s #1 academic resource on losers, chumps, and has-beens. Join comedians/scholars Adam McShane, Joey Bednarski, and Cosmo Nomikos as they profile extinct animals, stupid criminals and just about every other kind of failure on...more

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Episode 7

July 14, 2021

#7 - "Papa John" Schnatter

Better Hosts. Better Podcast. Sources:https://www.forbes.com/sites/noahkirsch/2018/07/11/papa-johns-founder-john-schnatter-allegedly-used-n-word-on-conference-call/?sh=2cab1dd64cfchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7nhm6AUOYU&ab_channel=ABCNewshttps://www.newsweek.com/papa-johns-ceo-steps-down-trump-supporters-heartbroken-756825https://sports.yahoo.com/papa-johns-blames-nfl-protests-declining-pizza-sales-155654596.htmlhttps://www.wdrb.com/in-depth/john-schnatter-releases-full-tape-of-2018-n-word-comment/article_af087f14-9249-11eb-93f8-f79b6b901b90.htmlhttps://www.huffpost.com/entry/how-papa-johns-lost-the-nfl-pizza-war_n_5a98239ae4b09c872bb21e32https://www.wdrb.com/news/wdrb-video/one-on-one-with-papa-john/video_d98eebbc-0d72-5ff7-bf74-cba46453f5c5.htmlAdam McShane, Joey Bednarski, and Cosmo Nomikos are stand up comedians based out of Chicago, IL.AJL is part of the...


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Episode 6

July 07, 2021

#6 - Grape-kun: The Loneliest Penguin

Love is in the air this week on AJL as Joey tells the boys all about Grape-kun, the lonely Japanese penguin, and his cardboard...


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Episode 5

June 30, 2021

#5 - Roy Sullivan: The Human Lightning Rod

Join us in our storm shelter as this week we profile Roy Sullivan, the Virginia park ranger who was struck by lightning seven times....


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Episode 4

June 23, 2021

#4 - Heil Honey I'm Home!

In 1990, a British comedy writer pitched a sitcom to a fledgling satellite tv network. They picked it up for 16 episodes... only one...


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Episode 3

June 16, 2021

#3 - Oedipus

This week we turn our attention to a Classic in the great canon of losers: the guy who married his mom despite trying very,...


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Episode 2

June 09, 2021

#2 - John Hinckley Jr.

In the days before dating apps and “sliding into DMs” there was only one way to get a girl’s attention: assassinating Ronald Reagan. And,...